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Jackie Loveall
236 Rolling Hills Estate Road
Uniontown, Pa.  15401

Phone: 724-984-5915




Your Halloween Destination!
8 years of Interactive Adventures!

Haunted Hills Estate is located on a 100 acre farm in Uniontown, Pa.

Early 1900's, in the hard working days, Haunted Hills Estate was owned by the Hill Family. The Estate was located over 100 acres of the most beautiful land in Pennsylvania. The Estate was known for its many beautiful scenic-walking trails. The Estate was full of life as so was the owners Edgar and Eleanor Hill and their thirteen children. Eleanor, a beautiful social organizer and Edgar, a very quiet hard working farmer held an Autumn Festival every year for all to see the enchanting walking trails. People would travel for days just to visit the beautiful Estate. One dark autumn night during a Festival Eleanor Hill was found by her husband hanging in the barn. This ended the happy times at the Estate. Edgar Hill became a broken man and became quite insane. He blamed all the visitors for Eleanor's death and planned revenge. The following year Edgar held an Autumn Festival in honor of his wife. He brutally murdered as many visitors as he could. Bodies were found in the barn, woods, and open meadows. Edgar was never seen again after that long Autumn Night of Darkness. To this day the hanging of Eleanor Hill remains a mystery and Edgar Hill still remains missing. It has been widely rumored that the spirit of Eleanor and her murdered visitors wander the Estate looking for an answer. Legend has it that Edgar Hill still walks the trails so that he can resume his terrible vengeance upon any soul who enters his Estate. The farm was let go for no crop would grow from all the blood shed. The ground soaked up the blood and the scent of the ground has attracted wild bloodthirsty animals. The Estate was left to the Hill children. The Hill family passed it on to each other until there was none living. HHE is believed to be haunted by the Hill family and those murdered victims.

In 1972 a Doctor Vincent Hill bought the Estate to perform experimental studies for tissue regeneration. The government funded this experiment and the location was determined due to the privacy of the old farm. This experiment was almost completed. This would have been a huge medical breakthrough but one Autumn Night the Doctor was found hanging in the Barn.

Many believe that the old Estate remains Haunted and the Dark Past will only continue. Since this tragedy occurred, many are not brave enough to enter the Estate.

A haunt team stumbled upon the Legend and opened the gates to the Estate. The haunt team consisted of 10 people, presently there is only one left. Five members of the team reported that this estate is too dangerous to stay, two are missing and the other two were found brutally murdered from a wild animal. The one remaining haunt entrepreneur is known as spookygirl. The rumor is she has opened more than the gate to HHE. She has found the passageway to the horror that left so many pulseless.

Spookygirl welcomes you to the Estate to explore all three Interactive Adventures.